Spare Parts

A typical crystal-growing furnace has more than 4,000 parts. Linton Crystal Technologies (LCT) can provide the replacement parts you need, and the expertise to install and integrate them into your system. We have the parts to support the LCT furnace you purchased today, as well as the Kayex models you bought decades ago.

Why Source Parts from Linton

  • Get the right replacement part or retrofit for any Linton, Kayex or Hamco crystal-growing furnace, even for parts that are no longer available.
    • Other manufacturers may offer the recommended substitute for unavailable parts, but these are not always one-to-one matches and may or may not function properly in your grower
  • Many parts incorporate technology from patents LCT holds and we are the sole providers of those parts.
  • Technical support works to complement your team’s level of expertise, helping ensure that your parts are installed correctly

Simple Parts Ordering Process

  • We can offer one of several options, as well as consulting support to help you decide:
    • Cost of the part and detailed instructions for installing it
    • Cost of the part and remote technical telephone and email support options
  • We also can provide technical field staff to perform your installation on site.

Replacements and Retrofits

Direct replacements or retrofits are available, customized to meet your precise needs.

Direct replacements: Typically available for newer furnaces and particularly for consumable parts such as motors that have a limited lifetime and need replacement at regular intervals. When direct replacements aren’t available, we develop a retrofit from the original design specifications. Most retrofits are for growers that are 10 years old or more, often for parts that become obsolete quickly such as computers and sensors.

Note: We can replace every part on every furnace ever made by Linton and its predecessor companies, Kayex and Hamco. However, retrofitting growers that are near end-of-life is usually not cost effective.

As a general guideline, crystal-growing furnaces have an average lifetime of 20 to 30 years so most equipment from the 1990s can be supported, as can some 1980s models. But few if any from the 1970s and earlier are cost-effective to keep in production once they need new parts.

To learn more about how we can help you find and install the parts you need, contact Gary Goyette,, +1 (585) 666-1546.

For Spare Parts, Contact:

Gary Goyette